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If you had the chance to change your financial future, would you take it? If you could work with one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the US, would  you take a chance? If you had a product to share with the world that had proven, lasting results would you want to learn more?

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With Ashley Sinclair helping you along the way, this opportunity can become a reality for you and your family!  She knows how to make money quickly in this company because she made it to the top level in only 7 months! 

Ashley's Story:  In August 2011 I got a message from Tiffany Chapman telling me a bit about It Works and if I was interested in selling the product. I hit delete quickly as I am asked often to sell everything from make-up to candles and everything in between. But something about it appealed to me. If the product did what she said it would do, I wanted to try it myself. And if the money was as great as she said it was, I was interested in that as well. After talking with my family and my mother in law telling me I may regret it if I didnʼt, I decided to give Tiffany a call.

I signed September 2011with every intention of simply selling the product in my boutique and never signing a loyal customer or distributor. I bought the kit only (8 wraps at the time) and prayed I could sell them. That first weekend after I signed and before I got my kit I started my training. It used to be a 14 day step by step and I went through the entire thing in 24 hours. I could not stop watching videos, reading about the product and learning everything I could. I was fascinated by the product, dying to try it myself, and knew that if half the results they promised would actually happen to my customers, I could sell it with no problem. I began building a team of friends, family, customers, and strangers. I was hooked! 

My team grew very quickly as I worked hard to reach the highest level It Works offers. Seven months into the business I hit my goal and have become one of the top paid money earners with the company. I am blessed beyond belief to help people change their health and wealth every day and make an income doing it. If you are ready to change your life and see what this "crazy wrap thing" is all about, I would encourage you to make a choice and reach out and contact us. Our journey with It Works is far from over and we would love to set you up for success!


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