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Tough Love With Some Encouragement

Posted by Ashley Sinclair on Jan 8, 2015 1:50:31 PM


A little tough love and encouragement!

1. You have to have tunnel vision if you want to be successful in this business. You have to work like you are headed to diamond every day. I've promised you there will be a time when we can throttle back a bit and enjoy the residual income. But that time is not now!

2. Give up TV for two months and read a few books. Keeping up with Kardashians, Law and Order, and all of those Housewives aren't going to make you money.

3. Follow up with your loyals. Take care of them. Baby them. Send them notes, greens on the go samples, emails, texts, etc... You will lose them if you aren't taking care of them. And we all know that it is easier to keep a loyal than to get a new one!

4. Be passionate about this business! Some of us have lost our passion. It's like the honeymoon phase of the business is over and now it's time to rekindle that romance so to speak.

5. GET OFF OF FACEBOOK! If one more person from this team sends me a farmville request I am going to flip out! Facebook is a great resource to connect with people and check for announcements, but spending all day watching newsfeeds and posting every five minutes does not make you money.

6. Blitz! Enough said. Make it a part of your life, step out of your comfort zone, and teach your DT's how to do the same.

7. Be a product of the product. How can you talk to people about these products passionately if you are not letting them change your life?

8. Some of you are so afraid of failure that you won't set any goals for yourself. Does the diamond chart overwhelm you? Start with ruby. Does it scare you to think about getting four loyals? Set a goal to talk to one person a day about this business and the products. It will change your business.

9. Reach out to your leaders! They want to help you! When you do well, they do well, so they have a vested interest in you, I promise!

10. DO YOUR TRAINING. Ask any double diamond and above how they got started and they will tell you they wrapped people and trained, wrapped people and trained. Group pages are a great help but are not a substitute for your training. An explosion in your business won't happen unless you do the above! Make this business your focus in the short run and in the long run you WILL NOT be disappointed!

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