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Why did you join It Works Global?

Posted by Ashley Sinclair on Jan 8, 2015 2:58:00 PM


So much of this business goes back to your “why.” If you do not know why you joined this business it will be so easy for you to quit. And when you sign up other distributors you have to know why they joined as well. This is key to helping keep people motivated and knowing what motivates them. If you know your distributor signed up because she loves helping people change their health (and that is her primary goal!) then you need to find testimonials of people whose lives are being changed on these products, make sure you give her all the info you can find on what are products are doing to help people, etc... This will keep her excited about the business.

Part A: Write down your “why”. Why did you join It Works? What are you trying to change in your life? Finances? Health? Ministry? Take a moment and really reflect on why you joined.

Part B: What is your monthly financial goal? What would make you feel like you could breathe? $300? $500? $2000? Do you have dreams of quitting your job or retiring your husband/mother? Part C: If you have a distributor(s) your job is to find out their “why.” Make sure you find out and know what their why is- it will help you be a better sponsor!

These are the 3 ways you can make money in this business 



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