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Why You Should Use Skin Tightening Body Wraps

Posted by Daniel Sinclair on Tue, Oct 07, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Ellen DeGeneres uses them. Dr. Phil's wife swears by them. And they've helped countless other Hollywood stars keep their bodies tone, trim and ready for the red carpet.  They're body wraps, and they're not just for the rich and famous anymore.


For years, celebrities, the well-to-do and the children of millionaires have been using skin tightening body wraps at expensive spas. For them, shelling out $300, $400 or even $600 to tone and tighten their bodies' problem areas is a drop in the bucket--and an investment, since they get paid to look fabulous. 

So they'd hit the spa and get all wrapped up anytime they had to make an appearance at the Oscars, on a television show or even at the beach. Of course they looked great--body wraps work, and they were Hollywood's little secret. 

But the cat's out of the bag, now, thanks to skin tightening body wraps that are way less expensive and every bit as effective as those available in the spas. 

What if you could get four body wraps for less than $100.  And what if you could use the wraps in the privacy of your own home? And what if those wraps could target your specific problem areas (without loosing water weight like the body wraps celebrities use)--you know, your tummy, underarm or even inner-thighs? 

You'd probably make the investment, right? 

Of course you would, and now you can. 

The body applicator from It Works! costs just $99 retail or $59 as a loyal customer and lets you apply it in the privacy of your home. No more feeling guilty about spending so much money on an expensive body wrap. 

It's not all about the money, though. The other nice thing about an at-home body wrap is that it allows you to really work on the areas that bother you the most. Need to tighten the tummy? No problem, just wrap it up, relax for 45 minutes and you're done. There's no need to commit to a total body wrap when all you really want to do is target a specific area. 

But if specificity and saving some money aren't enough of a reason for you to try a skin tightening body wrap, consider this: 

You don't have to go to a spa

That's probably worth its weight in gold right there. No more dealing with snooty spa employees. No need to feel insecure about your body. No long waits. But most importantly, are the results!

There's also no need to act like a celebrity when you're ready to get your skin tightening body wrap. All you have to do is call or text Ashley at 806-319-5238 or click the link below to get your box ordered today!

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