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Natural Vitamins For Hair Growth: Does It Work?

Posted by Daniel Sinclair on Tue, Mar 10, 2015 @ 07:00 AM


Here's something that may surprise you: extensive studies confirm vitamins for hair growth offer the best results for a beautiful, strong mane of hair. In other words, food is not only fuel for the body, but for the hair as well. Unfortunately, the typical diet is deficient in the nutrients required for hair growth, and even if you consume more vegetables, carbs and protein, you're probably not consuming as many nutrients as you think you are.

Understanding Your Hair

Your hair is part of your rudimentary system, including the skin and nails too. Although manufacturers claim that the hair needs external products, the reality is that the hair itself is neither a cell nor is alive, but merely protein-based material produced by cells that live within the skin at the hair follicle. As such, your hair isn't where the vitamins go, it's your follicles and scalp cells that require all the nutrition. Thus, one of the reasons over-the-counter concoctions do very little for hair care.

The important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in preventing hair damage and promoting overall hair growth. Some important vitamins that are responsible for hair growth include:

  • Vitamin A : Vital for the production of sebum, vitamin A is essential for the prevention of scalp problems such as hair and dandruff, dry hair and scalp thickness that can lead to premature hair loss. While consumption of vitamin A is important to ensure that this essential nutrient levels are maintained in the body, you also have to understand that smoking can inhibit the absorption of vitamin A. Some prescription drugs and oral preparations as Aspirin can also cause a barrier to the absorption of vitamin A. Therefore, if you are taking any type of medication and are experiencing hair loss, consult your doctor. If you smoke, try to reduce smoking to prevent hair loss.
  • Vitamin B6 : This vitamin is vital for adequate production of hemoglobin which transports oxygen throughout cells in the body. When you consume a sufficient quantity of the B6 vitamin, you ensure that your follicles get adequate oxygen to stay healthy.

  • Folic acid: A member of the B complex, Folic Acid is required for the production of red blood cells in the body.
  • Vitamin C : This nutrient is essential for the production of collagen, an essential part of the cornerstone of a strand of hair. Lack of collagen can cause severe hair damage which in turn will lead to breakage and hair loss.
  • Vitamin E : Vitamin E plays a crucial role in the health of hair and skin. This nutrient is responsible for supplying blood to the scalp and also helps in the absorption of oxygen
  • Biotin: In most hair products is biotin, although not readily absorbed by the skin cells, thus any external application of biotin will not produce your desired results. However, having biotin deficiency is one of the foremost causes of patterned baldness. Supplements can easily correct this condition.

Most people pay very little attention to their internal environment. It seems easier today to purchase store-bought volumizers and over the counter potions to facilitate hair growth, but it doesn't work. There are two reasons vitamins for hair growth has an advantage;

  1. Vitamins increase blood flow and circulation to hair follicles which are responsible for healthy hair
  2. Overall, it’s much healthier to rely upon natural elements to encourage hair growth instead of chemically-infused products

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