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The Benefits and Ease of Body Wraps At Home

Posted by Daniel Sinclair on Mon, Oct 27, 2014 @ 08:30 PM


Body wraps at home offer a convenient, inexpensive alternative to expensive salon wraps with a wide variety of benefits. From simple moisturizing to addressing skin tone and texture, they can help you keep your body and skin looking great, offering results within minutes.

What is a Skinny Wrap?
For those unfamiliar with body wraps, they began decades ago, originally using linen sheets to wrap the body after the application of herbs. These linen sheets were eventually replaced by plastic or thermal blankets. Using commonly found items or simple kits, these wraps can save you hundreds of dollars compared to salon wraps, reducing the appearance of cellulite, trimming problem areas, and toning the skin as effectively as their salon counterparts.

Types of Wraps
  • Moisturizing
    Moisturizing wraps are simple, solving area dry skin issues with your choice of lotions and moisturizing ingredients. Exfoliating with a natural scrub prior to a moisturizing treatment can help your skin feel even silkier after the completion of your wrap.
  • Slimming
    Slimming wraps are pulled more tightly than other wraps, and also focus on removing excess fluids. 
  • Cellulite reducing
    Cellulite reducing wraps typically use herbal remedies believed to reduce the appearance of cellulite such as coffee and chamomile.

Materials needed for body wraps at home
For the simplest at home body wrap experience, opt for pre-made solutions and products available on the internet. Products such as Skinny Wraps eliminate the need for purchasing numerous supplies and time spent wrapping with elastic bandages. They simplify the procedure by utilizing pre-made applicators infused with botanical solutions that are more easily applied to problem areas.

The Experience
If you are busy, there is no need to stop everything to accomplish wrapping at home. After wrapping your body, you can wear your wrap while performing many activities in your home. In fact, for some wraps such as slimming wraps, moving is recommended to improve fluid circulation. However, if you would like to make your wrap a soothing experience, by setting the right ambiance you can make it a relaxing treat. Turn down the lights, put on some relaxing music and light a few candles.

Accomplishing this at home doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many do-it-yourself options available that make the experience accessible and affordable. Whether you lack the time or the money for the spa, you can get the same results in less than an hour. Indulge yourself, enhance your health, and improve your self-image by putting a body wrap on your to-do list today!  

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